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We at St. Mary's School are an active community. We know that knowledge and understanding are more than the accumulation of information. If the communication, memorization, and repetition of information is all there is to education then we could abolish teachers and leave each student in solitary splendor with their computers.  We aspire to teach wisdom in such a way that each student will delight in becoming a ‘self-learner’.  The pursuit of wisdom is something we undertake together as members of a community of faith.  The subjects we teach are shared in an atmosphere of respect and love.  We believe that if students know they are cherished children of God they will not only grow in wisdom and understanding, but they will grow into the person that God has made them to be. We want them to become mature, independent, integrated members of the human community believing in the truth and doing the truth in love.


God made us to know him, love him and serve him.  The entire human person is the canvas of the art of education.  Catholic education appeals to the head: believing that we can grasp the truth of things, albeit in a limited way.  It appeals to the heart showing us the way we can love truly and aright.  It appeals to the hands in that we are encouraged to put our gifts at the service of others.  In grasping the truth we hope that our students will know their duties to God, to themselves, and to each other.  Our school does not aim simply to shape the mind but to form the heart.

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