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  • At St. Mary’s Jesus is the one teacher whom we all strive to follow.

  • We believe that he shows us what it is to be truly human in becoming more like him as we grow as persons living the virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

  • St. Mary’s is a school of discipleship.

  • We believe in the education of the mind but also of the heart.

  • We strive for excellence not only in education but also in the building of character.

  • We encourage our students to know the good and to desire to do it.

  • Our students study and play in a Catholic atmosphere of prayer and mutual respect.

  • We are educating them for life and for making a positive contribution in the world.

  • We encourage parent involvement in the mission of the school.

  • We have high standards and expectations of our students.

  • We believe that every child can succeed and that our task is to uncover their individual gifts and to encourage them to flourish.

  • We are blessed to have two priests teaching in the school, a presence we hope supports our Catholic identity.

  • We offer a safe environment with extensive grounds.

  • Our class sizes are small allowing for individual attention to be given.

  • St. Mary’s enjoys a strong sense of community and sees itself as a family.

  • Students know their classmates and their families and make firm friendships.

  • Our dedicated and united faculty work hard to form character and to encourage academic achievement.

  • We strive to provide an ‘education for life’, where every student is needed, every student is important, and every student has a gift to offer.  The mission of our school is to foster the development of the whole person, academically, spiritually, physically, and socially so that each one may live the true values of faith, hope, and charity.

  • We offer a full curriculum including sports, a computer lab, after school activities with the chance to learn a musical instrument.

  • Come and see St. Mary’s to learn if it is for you and for your child.

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