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Be a Friend of St. Mary's School.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children we help to form as Disciples of Jesus.



Saint Mary’s was founded over sixty years ago to provide a solid education in a Catholic atmosphere to the children of the Imperial Valley.  We have educated over 12,000 children in that time.  From small beginnings, Saint Mary’s has grown to be a major force in education.  We want this great tradition to continue.  We are looking for 1000 people to subscribe $100.00 per year to become a friend of St Mary’s School.  This will enable us to continue to provide tuition assistance, improve our facilities and generally sustain our reputation for academic excellence in a family atmosphere.   Please consider becoming a friend of Saint Mary’s so that our distinctive Catholic voice may continue to he heard in our society and tomorrow’s Catholics may be formed to witness to Christ and the graced life he has given us.


With all good wishes and every blessing,



The Revd. Dr. Allan White O.P. S.T.L, MA (Oxon), B.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. (Scot)

Principal of St Mary’s School.

Interested in being a Friend of St. Mary's? Sign Up Today!

Thank you for signing up to be a Friend of St. Mary's School! Together, we can change the lives of the children we encounter and help form to be children and disciples of Jesus.

Join the Ranks of our great "Friends of St. Mary's"

Friends of St. Mary's List of Donors May 2019


Mr. and Mrs.  B. Brandenberg

Mr. and Mrs. D. Camarena

Mr. and Mrs. George Lerno

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Singh

Drs. Francisco and Thelma Tirol

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Whitford

Friends of St Mary’s List of Donors February 2019

Mrs. J. Banuelos

Mr. and Mrs. G. Beltran

Mr. and Mrs.  B. Brandenberg

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. D. Enriquez

Mr. K. Laverty

Mrs. J. Mitosinka

Friends of St Mary’s List of Donors January 2019

Mr. J Adamek

Mr. and Mrs. L Armendariz

Mr. And Mrs. G Bently

Mr. and Mrs. J Brinkerhoff

Mr. and Mrs. J. Burgon

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Bush

Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Cardona

Mr. and Mrs. Lidia Castaneda

Mr. And Mrs. A Castro

Mr. and Mrs. M. Cazares Jnr

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Colunga

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Coronado

Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Edney II

The Very Revd. Fr. Mark Edney

Mr. L. Escalera

Mrs. Gabriela Esquer Flora

Mr. Jonathan Garcia

 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Green

Mr. Jose Guerrero

Ms. Raychelle Guerrero

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Gutierrez

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund G. Galindo

Mr. and Mrs. S. Garcia

Mrs. G. A. Hawkins

Mr. M. A. Henderson

Mrs. M. Hodgers

Ms. Danielle Ingoglia

Mr. and Mrs. D. Jacobelli

Mr. and Mrs. M Johnson

Ms. Kathleen Kubler

Mr. Matthew D. Ladisa

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lee

Ms. J Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. G. Lerno

Ms. Ramona Lopez

Mr. Hector Martinez

Mr. Michael A. McNeece

Mr. and Mrs. S Mitosinka

Mrs. P Nickell

Mr. and Mrs. D. Nordmann

Mrs. J.C Luque

Mrs. M. Novak



Mrs. Suzann O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. G. O’Donnell

Mr. Darrell Pechtl

Ms. Ernestine Perez

Mr. James E. Piper

Judge Christopher J Plourd

Mr. and Mrs. W. Plourd

Mrs. M. Quesada

Mr. and Mrs. J Quesada

Ms. Lisa M. Rigney

Dr. And Mrs. Robles

Mr. Joshua Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. L Rogers

Mrs. Guadalupe Ruiz

Ms. Isabel Salcedo

Ms. Silvia S. Santos

Mrs. Margaret Sariego

Mrs. Margaret Studer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trantham

Mr. Joaquin Vasquez

Mrs. Norma Z. Vidiola

The Revd. Dr. Allan White O.P.

Mr. Anthony Winkler

Mr. And Mrs. R. Wolery

Mrs. Dorothy G. Wolf

Friends of St Mary’s List of Donors in 2018

Mr. and Mrs. L. Adamek

Mr. and Mrs. J. Adamek

Anonymous Donor

Mr. J-I Guajardo Araiza

Mr. and Mrs. T. Brundy

Mr. and Mrs. C. Buckley

Mr. and Mrs. L. Caballero

Mr. and Mrs. L. Cano

Mrs. Judy Duran

Fr. Mark Edney

Ellis Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Eyer

Mr. L. Eyer

Mr. M. Eyer

Mr. F. Fimbres

Mr. F. Gallego

Mr. and Mrs. J Hester

Mr. and Mrs. J. Honold

Mrs. A. Irigoyen

Mr. and Mrs. F. Irigoyen

Mr. Douglas Juarez

Dr. and Mrs. J.  Luque

Mr. A Moore

Mr. Javier Morales

Mr. and Mrs. O. Navarro

Mr. and Mrs. R. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. R. Postlethwaite

Mr. R. Rivera

Mr. S Rivera

Dr. and Mrs. J. Robles

Ms. M. Robles

Mr. and Mrs. C. Rodriguez

Mr. Diego Sada

Mr. Victor Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. J. Santillan

Ms. Pauline Stuart (London)

Mrs. P Swarthout

Dr. and Mrs. D. Wells


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